Shalam Ministries International

The Joseph Generation


From the beginning of the Mandate of the Ministry The Lord revealed to Pastor Femi Leke that there would be a link between the Restoration mission of Shalam Ministries International (SMI) and school/academic environment.

The burden was so heavy in his heart and this provoked him to keep on seeking the face of God for graphical details and how exactly the ministry was to be carried out.


The Lord also made it clear from the beginning when the mandate was delivered that the Ministry would be involved in educational aspect of people’s life especially in establishing model institutions of learning where people will be empowered both intellectually and spiritually.


Another dimension of the involvement with educational institutions was revealed in a vision on 21st February 2004 the; Lord showed Pastor Femi Leke the picture of a church that was full of people ready for service but there was no pastor or leader to lead them in worship, then the picture of a school campus just opposite the church.

On the lawn in the school garden was written the word “symbiotic association” and there was a red tractor working in the school pulling down a tree.


The burden continued to grow especially on campus crusade and raising a generation of God fearing youths that will take over the mantle of leadership from the present leaders in the community.


Finally on 18th December 2008 while returning home to Orchard Gardens in Pretoria South Africa after a glorious time in the fellowship the Lord laid it in Pastor Femi’s heart that a department in Shalam Ministries International called “The Joseph Generation”  must be set up that will be built to empower youths and model them in the pattern of biblical Joseph.


Characteristics of “The Joseph Generation” _ (Coat of Many Colours)


  1. People who are the beloved of the father (Gen 37:3, Jhn 3: 16, Jhn 15: 9)

People who will enjoy the multidimensional love of God in all areas of life


  1. People who are destined to be conquerors despite attracting the wrath of the enemy (devil) because of the father’s love for them and because of their enviable destinies (Gen 37: 4, Rev 12: 17, Rom 8: 28 – 30)

This necessitates the need to be equipped for the battle (Ps 18: 34)


  1. People with coat of many colors (Gen 37: 3, Judges 5:30 2Sam 13:18)

This talks about people that are divinely blessed to enjoy divine affluence and lavished with divine favour, they will be called the favorite of the father


  1. People of unusual wealth and affluence yet righteous and holy (Gen 39: 2, 9)


  1. People who are preservers and managers of resources who goes about their businesses all to the glory of God (Gen 41: 33 – 39)


  1. People who will triumph and succeed anywhere they are placed whether in their country of origin or in a foreign land. (Gen 39: 2, Gen 50: 18 – 26)


  1. People with godly character who never allow the enemy to sow the seed of ungodliness, envy, bitterness etc into their hearts. (Gen 45: 1 – 8, Gen 50: 17 – 21)


  1. People who are visionaries and are focused on their purposes who will never allow anything to distract them. (Gen 37: 5) they are people who are purpose driven.


  1. People who will refuse to bow to the pressure of the society or their environment but like Joseph will chose rather to die than sin against God. (Gen 39: 9, 10, 20)


  1. People who chose to be responsible for their lives, not shifting blames and who picks no offence in God or man. (Gen 50: 17 – 21, Acts 24: 16)


  1. People of unusual faith, Joseph believed that they will return back to Canaan after 400 years and was numbered with the heroes of faith. (Heb 11: 22, Gen 50: 24 – 25)


  1. People whose lives are free of negative report or scandals (Gen 37, 47, 50)


  1. The Joseph Generation are people who will enjoy strange order of divine protection and deliverance.

They will become un-killable despite intense attempts from the pit of hell to cut them down before their times. (Gen 37: 18 – 22, 26)


  1. People who are doers of the word no matter the consequence (Gen 37: 13, Rev 12: 17b)


Joseph was a youth when his Father gave him the coat of many clours. The Joseph Generation is meant for youths to help them fulfill their God ordained purposes in life and the name of the Lord will be glorified 


Pastor Femi Leke