Exploring The Wells of Salvation

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There is no need of our lives that is not encapsulated in the Wells of Salvation (Isaiah 12:3, Rev 5:12), Join Femi Leke as we explore the Wells of Salvation together through this teaching. God bless you as you listen … Read More

Rehoboth 2017 Cross Over Service

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The natural eagle does not just soar to Higher Heights but also builds its tent in the highest place available in its environment. As spiritual Eagles we have enjoyed some levels of soaring in 2016 and God is saying He … Read More

Hinderances to praise

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Everything that is of value has a price and always attracts opposition, the same goes for praise. In this message Femi Leke looks at some of the hindrances to praise.

Praising God in an Acceptable Way

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Not all singing equals to praises Not all shouting equals to praises Our praises must be in line with the will or standard of God before it can be acceptable to God. In this message Femi Leke highlighted how to … Read More

Why We Praise God

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In the world system we give thanks when things has happened but in the kingdom of God we don’t only give God thanks when things has happened but we give thanks for things to happen. in this message Femi leke … Read More

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